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Cameron by Jon Renau Wigs

Cameron Lite by Jon Renau in color FS6/30/27

Various Types of Wigs We Offer

If you are looking for a way to enhance your hair's appearance, wigs are a versatile option that can help you combat hair loss, add volume or simply experiment with new looks. However, not all wigs are the same, so it's essential to find one that complements your style and boosts your confidence. Our store offers a diverse collection of high-quality, natural-looking, and comfortable wigs in a variety of colors and price ranges. Whether you're seeking a solution for hair loss or just a fashionable accessory, we have a wide selection to cater to your needs. Wigs can also be a convenient, fun, and cost-effective alternative to frequent salon visits.

Benefits of Hair Toppers

Jokingly referred to as a "push-up bra" for hair, toppers for women are small, wig-like hairpieces designed to add volume and density to thinning or balding hair. They can also help conceal patchy hair loss around the crown and part line that cannot be hidden with hairstyling tricks or extensions. Thinning hair and patchy baldness are common issues for women of all ages, and as we age, our hair tends to become thinner. Toppers provide a discreet solution, allowing women to maintain confidence and style while dealing with these common challenges.

Choosing the perfect hair topper color that matches your natural hair color can be challenging. We offer a range of toppers with over 30 color options, which blend seamlessly for a natural look.

Extensions 101

Human hair quality is determined by grades ranging from 6A, 7A, 8A, to the higher scale of 9A, 10A, and 11A virgin hair. The hair's origin, thickness, fullness, and longevity are all factors to consider when grading hair bundles. The highest level is raw hair and virgin human hair. We only offer the highest quality human hair bundles at our store. 

In addition to human hair, we also offer synthetic hair extensions. Synthetic hair is useful for creating low-maintenance hairstyles that allow the wearer to omit heat-styling and other damaging techniques that place stress on natural hair strands. This helps to keep the hair free of everyday damage from styling methods. 

The purpose of hair extensions is to provide coverage and volume, especially for people with thin or fine hair. Extensions can help create a slightly longer style with more volume, and can also allow for experimentation with different hairstyles, from beachy waves to chic updos, without the commitment. Extensions can also hold styles better, ensuring your hair game is on point, no matter the occasion

The Secrets Behind Ponytails Revealed

Ponytails are a popular, easy-to-do hairstyle that has many advantages. They are comfortable to wear and keep hair out of one's face. Moreover, they are versatile, as you can accessorize them in various ways, and they can last for an entire day, making them practical for any setting while maintaining a professional yet chic look. Interestingly, experts suggest that ponytail hairstyles can help you achieve a youthful appearance. Brushing your hair back into a high ponytail, slightly pulls back the skin on your face, creating an effect similar to that of a facelift. You can achieve this effect with just a simple brush and tie!

We offer both human and synthetic ponytails in clip and drawstring styles, available in different colors and lengths. 

Braiding Hairs We Offer

Instroducing our Christine Headwear

All products from Christine Headwear are made with the finest natural materials to provide special and comfortable protection for sensitive scalps without hair. Our aim is to inspire women and help them feel comfortable, fashionable, and confident while wearing our products. Every style of Christine Headwear is designed to create a graceful silhouette, providing volume and fullness to a head without hair while ensuring a secure and comfortable fit. You can trust our beautiful Danish designs to make you feel confident and stylish.

A Vast Collection of the Latest Eyelashes

We offer a wide range of eyelash styles to choose from, with over 100+ different options available. Whether you prefer super long or short lashes, mink or human hair, natural colors or 6D color lashes, we have something for everyone. Our prices start at just $2.49, so you can achieve your desired look without breaking the bank.

Long Term Wear Color Contacts Lenses

Step into a world where discernible beauty takes center stage, with ROSÉE & CO lenses that redefine sophistication with vivid colors. These lenses effortlessly captivate attention and bring forth an unparalleled allure, creating an unmistakable statement of refined elegance.

The lenses feature an optimized aspheric design that provides a clear view while eliminating lens distortions. In addition, the cutting-edge technology used in the manufacturing process replicates the optical parameters with zero measurement errors, ensuring quality and comfort.

ROSÉE & CO lenses also feature Internal Absorption Technology (IAT), which is a sandwich process that embeds US FDA-Approved pigment inside the lens membrane. This creates a shield between the eye and the colored area of the lens, bringing optimal comfort without any irritation.

Wig Care Products

It is important to maintain your wig properly to retain its sheen, prevent hairs from coming out of the cap, and ensure that it falls naturally every time you wear it. The most crucial reason for wig maintenance is to protect your investment. Typically, experts suggest washing your wig after wearing it for 80 hours. This will help you keep your wig clean and fresh for a longer period without over-washing it, which can cause damage to the fibers and make the wig look dull and lifeless.

We carry all the care products: shampoo and dry shampoo, conditioner and leave-in conditioner, detangler, holding spray, and anti-bacterial odor eliminator. 

Wig Accessories & Supplies

To make your wig look & feel its best, the proper wig supplies are a must! Here, we've carefully curated the best collection of wig accessories all in one place- wig caps & stands, lace glue & glue remover, Got2B spray & gel, wig gripping head bands, liners, combs, styling solutions and much much more. 

Try Before You Buy Service

Find your perfect wig. Try on the wig to see how it look on you before you make the purchase.

Shop Local

Supporting the Community: Shopping locally contributes to the vibrancy and sustainability of your community. Local businesses usually reinvest a significant portion of their revenue back into the local economy. This supports schools, charities, and other essential services in the community. Shopping locally has a significant positive economic impact too. Money spent at local businesses is more likely to stay within the community. For every $100 you spend at local businesses, $68 will typically stay in the local economy. When you shop locally, you become more conscious of your purchasing choices and it helps you to avoid impulse buying. Although online shopping often offers lower prices, in-store shopping may have better discounts. Keep in mind that we offer a 10% discount on all non-sale wigs. Local shopping is essential for the growth and sustainability of the economy, as well as the development of strong and resilient communities.

How to Wash & Condition your Synthetic Wig

Everyone has their own way of washing and conditioning wigs, but we recommend the following steps to keep your synthetic wig looking its best:

1. Fill a sink with cool to lukewarm water and add wig shampoo.

2. Soak the wig in the water for 5 minutes, gently swishing it around.

3. Rinse the wig gently in cool water until all shampoo is removed.

4. Apply wig conditioner and leave it on for 3-5 minutes.

5. Rinse the wig gently in cool water until all conditioner is removed.

6. Gently blot the wig with a towel to remove excess water.

7. Place the wig on a wig stand to air dry.

Here are a few more tips to keep in mind when washing and conditioning your synthetic wig: